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Liability Insurance

One of the most important types of coverage farmers, businesses, and organizations can purchase is liability insurance. Farm liability insurance meets the needs of farmers and ranchers by providing public liability and employer's liability coverage. Other specialized coverage (such as animal collision and farm products) can be provided by endorsement. Policy premiums are determined by the type of agricultural commodity produced (crop, livestock, poultry), acreage, locations, farm equipment and farm labor costs.

The Commercial Liability policy provides premises liability for retailers, landlords and building owners who need public liability protection to operate their business. Farmers who have non-farm businesses will need this type of policy also.

Farm Liability
Farmers, just like any other business, face liability risks. Most of these risks arise from interaction of the farm with the public. But, claims can also be brought by farm employees injured on the farm.

The Farm Liability policy from Farm Bureau Insurance companies provides financial protection for the future – for a "hobby farmer" or a full-time, active producer with thousands of acres.

Besides the traditional farm exposure, farm owners today are finding creative sources of income. Such activities as "cut-your-own" Christmas trees, fishing, farm tours, and corn mazes are not unusual.

With this opportunity for income, there also lies the opportunity for a guest on the farm to be injured. Farmers who produce a crop sold to just one grocery chain or wholesaler may find themselves needing a certificate of insurance attesting to the validity of their farm liability policy. These exposures are manageable through risk transfer to a Farm Bureau Insurance farm liability policy.

Colorado farmer may grow acres of soybeans, corn, wheat or peaches, or operate a "pick your own" strawberry patch, or raise beef cattle and cut hay. No matter the size, location or commodity there is an exposure to the public and to farm employees.

This exposure, and the opportunity for an unfortunate event where someone is injured or property is damaged, requires liability insurance for protection.

Cows and calves escape fenced pastures, farm machinery must be moved on a highway to another field, and employees can be injured by lifting feed or hay, or while treating an ill animal. These circumstances, and many others, require that farmers protect their liability exposure by transferring the risk to an insurer with understanding and experience "in the field."

Environmental Liability
Farmers are especially concerned about the environment - their living is made from clean air, water, and tillable land.

The Farm Bureau Insurance environmental liability policy protects against an accidental discharge of chemicals, waste or pollutants where the farmer's own property, and that of others, is damaged. This requires time to investigate and assets to repair the damage. The environment liability policy provides valuable coverage.

Commercial Liability
Businesses cannot operate without liability insurance. The public is invited to shop at a business or hire a service provider. Customers expect their shopping experience to be free from injury, but sometimes slip and falls, or more serious events, do happen.

Our commercial liability policy can protect retail shops, offices, churches and landlords from the financial and time drain of an accident.

All policies are subject to underwriting acceptance and rating rules. This is not a policy, contract or binder. See policy booklets for complete descriptions of terms, conditions and exclusions.

Environmental liability policies are issued by Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company, an authorized, but non-admitted specialty insurer.

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