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ATV Safety Tips for Riding on the Farm
ATVs play an important role on today's farms and ranches. With the rising cost of fuel, many individuals are using A TV's for chores that previously had been conducted with other less fuel-efficient vehicles. At Farm Bureau Insurance, we want you to be aware of the dangers of A TV's and the current legal stance regarding these recreational vehicles. Please review the information and safety tips below.

What is an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)?
All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are multipurpose vehicles that have rapidly gained popularity among new and longtime owners throughout the United States. They are designed for both work and recreation.

ATVs weigh up to 600 pounds and can reach speeds of 75 mph.

ATV Injuries
Since 1982, more than 5,000 ATV-related deaths have been reported in the United States according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Most ATV-related injuries are preventable. The most common causes are unsafe speed, drinking and driving, driving on paved roads and into regular traffic, driving in unsafe weather conditions, and driving without proper supervision or training.

The under-16 age group has one of the highest rates of injuries.

ATVs in Colorado
There is currently no minimum age to operate an ATV in Colorado, but that does not mean everyone is capable of riding one.

The ATV Safety Act is currently in legislation, and if passed will provide several new laws regarding ATVs in Colorado in the future.

Farm Work with an ATV
Can your child do this job? There are several questions that you need to answer before you allow your child to use an ATV around the farm.

Here are some questions regarding your child's ability to safely operate an ATV:

Can the child reach and operate all controls while comfortably seated?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Is the child strong enough to operate the controls without straining?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Does the child have good peripheral vision?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Can the child use hands and feet at the same time?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Can the child understand and repeat from memory a 5-step process?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Can the child recognize a hazard and solve the problem without getting upset?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Does the child do things that seem dangerous for the thrill of it?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Can the child react quickly?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Is your child responsible? Do you trust your child to do what's expected without anyone checking?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Does the child usually go with his or her 'gut' feeling without thinking too much about what could happen next?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop
Here are some questions regarding your child's ability to safely operate an ATV:

has an adult demonstrated farm work with an ATV on site?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

has the child shown he or she can do the job safely 4 to 5 times under close supervision?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop
Here are some questions regarding your child's safety when operating an ATV:

Can an adult supervise as recommended?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

Do you limit the amount of recreational usage?
Yes - proceed
No - Stop

ATV and Children
Experts question whether children should be allowed to operate any ATV, even if the appropriate size is available.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, ATVs are too heavy, unwieldy and require size, strength and coordination to operate safely – all things that children cannot handle.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not allowing children under 16 to drive ATVs under any circumstance.

Safety Tips
Get the proper training. Call the ATV Safety Institute toll-free at 800-887-2887 to find training information in your area. Education is the key to avoiding mishaps on an ATV.
Do not carry passengers. ATVs are meant for one person.
Do not show off! Keep your speed under control.
Restrict the use of ATVs by children.
Always wear the right safety gear, including a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, long-sleeved shirt/jacket, riding pants and over the ankle boots.
Ride only on designated trails. Avoid paved surfaces and never ride on public roads.
See the manufacturer's recommendations for appropriate size and usage, especially if the usage involves a child.

Cost of ATV Claims
Farm Bureau Insurance provides coverage for recreational use of an ATV owned by an individual or for service use on a farm owned by the farm corporation.

Losses resulting from an ATV accident are no different than any other claim. Depending on the circumstances of the ATV claim, a customer might not see an immediate change in their policy, but could eventually see an increase in rates, deletion of the physical damage and liability endorsements or even non-renewal of the policy.

Farm Bureau Insurance does not advocate the use of ATVs for anyone under the age of 16 or the use of 3-wheeled ATVs

Learn More About our Homeowner's Insurance Policies
At Farm Bureau Insurance, we are concerned with your safety. We hope you never experience misfortune, but just in case, we want you to be prepared. Learn more about the homeowner's insurance policies, including dwelling fire insurance, that we offer to our members.

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